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Special purpose machines

  • Ziegler+Schenk offers general contractors a full range of services for:
    - Construction
    - Manufacturing
    - Commissioning
    - Electrical systems
    - SPS programming
    - Robot programming

  • Automation

    Ziegler+Schenk offers a wide range of automation solutions for numerous industrial areas, from consumer to investment goods:
    - Automotive
    - Electronics
    - Medical
    - Furniture
    - Household appliances
    - Food & groceries

    For addressing diverse specifications, Ziegler+Schenk relies on tailor-made solutions created in consultation with our customers that ensure the optimal degree of efficiency for the facility. We also provide support for integrated robotics, upon request.

  • Assembly technology

    Ziegler+Schenk provides assembly technology in three varieties:
    - Manual workstations
    - Partially automated assembly facilities
    - Fully automated assembly facilities

    We also offer solutions for the following areas:
    - Separation and supply of bulk material
    - Grouting, screwing
    - Bonding
    - Joining, caulking
    - Labelling

  • Testing technology

    Modern manufacturing and testing technology is essential for ensuring the  desired level of quality.

    Our solutions can be used in areas such as:
    - Length measurements
    - Calibration
    - Power and torque measurements
    - Optical testing technology