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Individual clamping fixture building

Ziegler+Schenk develop clamping devices for workpiece families for small to large series.

Clamping devices are required for every special task which are individually designed and made for the specific application case.

We produce clamping devices for workpiece weights of 5g up to 2t with a great deal of know-how in the development, design and construction of hydraulic and pneumatic clamping devices and controls. Precision tolerance within the μ range is a matter of course.

Our long tradition in fixture building guarantees superior, dependable and reliable clamping solutions, clamping technology and clamping systems.

Whether cubic or axially symmetric, whether large or small, mechanical or hydraulic – we offer tailor-made fixture solutions.

The design and installation of hydraulic controls is also one of our core competences along with extensive examinations of tool contours and the perfect exploitation of the available machine room. We are also happy to offer advice on the running-in process and with optimisation.