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Adaptor plates

Precise workpiece clamping with Ziegler+Schenk adaptor plates.

Ziegler+Schenk is leading in the design and manufacture of high-precision clamping systems and adaptor plates since many years.

The smallest manufacturing tolerances require the highest manufacturing precision. Emanating from the reference points, tolerances for height, clearance and actual dimensions are around ± 0.005 mm.

Cost savings:

With a type change, the machine remains with the basic device. Just a new or converted adaptor plate is needed. This means that it is unnecessary to keep a large number of different clamping devices available.

On standardisation of the interface, prototypes / restarts can be realised quickly and close-to-production with a low level of investment.


The interface between the machine with the basic device and the adaptor plate always remains the same, so the technology is adaptable for different machine types and also different machine manufacturers.

The relocation of capacity peaks or expiring production quantities is possible worldwide – the basic technology is simpler to transfer.


High production reliability due to constant quality is achieved with high precision in the adaptor plate (changeover precision in the range of below +/- 0.005 mm).

The adaptor plate is equipped with a data carrier. All important production data can be stored and analysed there. The adaptor plate and workpiece remain connected throughout the entire manufacturing process.